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Garlington Landeweer Yachts

Custom Sport Fishing Yachts


Constant Refinement since 1980


The broad based history and experience of our yard is reflected in the level of excellence we maintain from conception to completion of each sport fish.
Design, innovations, detail, scrutiny and exacting craftsmanship are all necessary to deliver this level of performance and finish.
It is Garlington's firm belief that the pride we put into manufacturing will be reflected in the pride and pleasure of ownership.


The crew's choice


Although copies of our original lines can often be be seen on other vessels, to copy the ride quality and sea capability of our renowned hulls is another matter entirely.
Don’t just take our word for it, ask those who know.


Custom Sportfish Yachts

Many might believe that a custom yacht is out of reach financially. But in reality by taking this approach an owner gets everything he wants and nothing he doesn’t; the dollars put toward the build are specifically targeted.




We constantly strive for excellence and complete every project with the pride it deserves. Our team receives personal satisfaction from knowing that their efforts lead to a finished product we all can be proud of.

 From the graceful sweep of their sheer a Garlington is instantly recognized as the vessel by which others are judged.
Classic and elegant exteriors, matched to contemporary interiors along with a state of the art machinery package, this is the ethos of all Garlingtons.

All Garlingtons are built using cored composite construction. The advantages of cored hulls and superstructures are well known, but in addition to creating a lighter stiffer package the use of this construction method provides a quiet soft riding hull with great impact resistance. Our hulls are lighter and stiffer, thus allowing for greater performance.